About the sme-advisors-on-csr Project

The European Commission is funding a project “Networking for better Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) advice to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)” which fits into the European Commission’s objective to build a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy as laid out in the Europe 2020 Strategy. The project recognises the importance of SMEs in enhancing European competitiveness, innovation and sustainable growth, as well as the potential of CSR to offer SMEs new, sustainable business opportunities. Organisations and individuals that work closely with SMEs can play a unique role, helping to translate CSR into business opportunities for SMEs and to strengthen their competitiveness. Yet, advisors in this field often work independently of each other, rooted in local or cultural contexts. The project offers people advising SMEs on CSR throughout Europe a unique opportunity to network and learn from each other and to gain insight into critical tools and information to support their work.

To support people advising SMEs on CSR and those wishing to advise SMEs on CSR, the European Commission, Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry will

- host a Networking Event for people who advise SMEs on CSR on the 12th and 13th of June 2012 in Berlin. This international event, held in English, will bring together about 100 experts and practitioners in the field from the 27 European Union Member States and Croatia, Macedonia and Turkey to actively engage in peer-to-peer learning and share best practices across Europe.

- support the development of new Guidance Material for people who advise SMEs on CSR. This will be done through an interactive process, bringing together current knowledge in the field and offering support and inspiration to people advising SMEs on CSR.